At the end of this course you’ll        know how to get a date within 48        hours and how to have a full dating        life within 21 days.
You’ll learn the type of person who        is a match for you, and where to        find this type of person.
You’ll totally overcome any fear of        approaching you might now have,        and you’ll know exactly what to do        and say to dramatically improve your        odds of getting a date with anyone,        anywhere, anytime.
You’ll learn the steps of the dating        process, helping you to navigate        from dating to relating to mating.
Have you ever wanted to be able to ask out that gorgeous stranger you feel a connection with, but your fear steps in and you get ‘paralysis due to analysis’
Now imagine, instead of being afraid and not knowing what to do or say, you NOW have an exact technique to get a date with this person, take right then and there. There is a technique to everything in life, and we’re going to give you the SECRET you won’t find anywhere else.
A seminar company based out of Glendale, AZ.We’ve been teaching people across North America how to get dates since 1995. During our now famous, Dating101 seminars, we would not only teach our students our easy 5-Step approach to getting dates, but then we would literally them onto the streets and they’d get dates, that day!
Our information works for even the shyest of our students and it will work for you, no matter how skeptical you may be right now.
Match For You
Discover better places to look
Totally overcome your fear of      approaching.
Learn exactly what to do and      say to get a date, anywhere,      anytime
Know the steps of the dating      process, so you can navigate      smoothly from dating, to relating
You’ll get
Your first date within 48 hrs.           of applying our information.
Full dating life in 21 days
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